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Lawn Management Services:

Lawn Cutting / Trimming: Generally speaking lawn cutting is required on a weekly basis, occasionally needing to be done bi-weekly dependant on the time and type of season.  At the time of the lawn cutting any line trimming around trees, utility fixtures, curbs, sidewalks, driveways etc, that is necessary to keep up a manicured look would be done.  In order to accommodate for all properties are fleet is equipped with a wide variety of equipment, everything from small mowers for tight areas to large walk behind and ride on mowers for larger lawns and commercial applications.

Lawn Edging: Edging along sidewalks, walkways, curbs and access areas can really enhance the finished look of any property.  This service like line trimming is also done at the time of lawn cutting and the appearance can be up kept by a well trained hand on a line trimmer as part of a maintenance package.  However, one time services of overgrown lawn edges can be arranged.

Clippings:  We ensure that all grass clipping or cuttings will be mulched, picked up, blown off or if necessary swept clean of all necessary sidewalks, walkways, patios, driveways, and roads upon completion of a lawn maintenance service.

Fertilizer Programs:  Fertilizer programs are set up using a 100% organic fertilizer blend to help in nourishment for your existing lawn and provide essential nutrients for continued health throughout the season. Programs consist of four applications of fertilizer throughout the season, three of which include broad leaf weed management.

Spring Clean Up:  In the spring you’re often left with salt and grit deposits along lawn edges, common areas and parking lots or driveways.  As well as the left over twigs, leaves, branches, litter, etc, from the fall and winter.  We call this winter debris!  Our spring clean up service consists of a thorough removal of all such winter debris, if necessary dethatching can be done at this point too (weather permitting). When finished all debris is carted away with us, we leave nothing for you or at your curb!

Fall Clean Up:  Very similar to the spring clean up service but the biggest difference here is the leaf removal. Every fall there are bags upon bags of leaves to clean up whether it from your own place or the huge maple tree across the street.  We remove all twigs, branches and leaves from the lawn and garden beds with all debris again carted away with us!  If desired a final lawn cutting service is usually recommended at the same time.


Lawn Revitalization Services:

Top Dressing:  Top dressing is a process of spreading either high quality top soil or even compost over your lawn.  This adds healthy organic matter to your lawn improving the quality of your existing soil thus a healthier lawn! 

Over Seeding:  To create a thick healthy lawn, seed is always needed.  It is highly recommended to over seed after aeration or dethatching and in the spring or fall.  If an aeration and over seeding have been arranged the over seeding will take place directly afterwards.  We dethatch troubled spots by hand to ensure the seed has more of a chance to contact soil.

Aeration:  There are many purposes to aerating your lawn from allowing the roots to breathe or having the core plugs to break down on top of the lawn afterwards to add nutrients to the soil.  It helps with soil compaction and allows water to get to the root system of your lawn.  As mentioned it is recommended to over seed at the same time or soon afterwards.


Garden Management Services:

Weed Control:  Generally needing to be done either monthly or bi-weekly, we make sure to get down and dirty, pulling out the pesky weeds from the garden beds, tree rings, shrub beds etc.  This is done either by hand and turning the soil or mulch in the beds.

Plant Maintenance:  Performed throughout the season this service goes hand in hand with the weed control for garden beds.  This allows us to prune or deadhead any necessary perennials in the garden beds at the appropriate time of the year. 

Hedge Trimming:  Manicuring hedges, shrubs and bushes can be difficult, there’s size and shape, which angle to cut at, and then the tight area behind the shed.   All this being said if done right, they look great and can have amazing curb appeal!  We have a wide variety of equipment that allows us to tackle many different sizes and shapes of hedges, shrubs and bushes. 

Bed Edging:  If you really want those garden beds, tree rings and shrub beds to stand out, they need an edge.  We regularly maintain edged beds with our line trimmers during cutting services or during garden weed control and plant maintenance but often the initial edge needs to be placed.  We can also provide this as a one time service to help define garden beds, trees ring, shrub beds etc.

Mulch:  Whether we’re topping up an existing bed or filling in a new landscape we’ve installed.   By the dump truck full or just a few wheel barrows we bring in the mulch for you, spread it where necessary and make sure everything is tidy when we’re finished.  The most popular mulches are generally natural shaven cedar and natural shaven pine but there are a wide variety of types & colors to choose from. 


Landscaping Services:

Design / Build: For our landscape projects we provide you with a step by step worry free experience. 

  1. First we sit down with you our client to discover what it is you would like to have accomplished by your new landscape.  This is where we consult with you to get a general knowledge of any ideas you may have and things you may want to include or exclude.   
  2. We then come up with multiple ideas and concepts which are then shared with you for your input, recommendations and preferences.  Having your input allows us to create a landscape uniquely for you and your lifestyle.
  3. Following that we then go back to the drawing board and come up with a new revitalized plan incorporating recommendations we’ve discussed.  Upon completion of this plan we meet with you, we take any more recommendations into consideration then create a final master plan for your landscape. 
  4. The master plan provides you with a list of plants and materials to be used. Detailed drawings and sketches of the proposed landscape as well as a detailed estimate and timeline are all included here.  
  5. From here we now start the construction process.  We bring in the equipment, prep the areas necessary and get to work.
  6. Your landscape awaits.


Snow and Ice Management Services:

Snow Plowing:  We are here day and night to make sure you’re able to get to work, your appointment or keep your business doors open.  Our plows run 24 hours a day and we start after a 2 inch snowfall. Necessary areas are clearly marked for accurate plowing allowing us to give you plenty of access to your property! 

Hand Shoveling: You’ve made it home and your driveway is clear, but you now have to trudge through a foot of snow on your walkway and steps!  Not with Sirwin!  We offer hand shoveling of front walkways, front steps and even around vehicles where access is permitted!  With commercial applications we can clear doorways, walkways, building fronts and more.

Ice Melter:  For walkways in manicured areas the road salt can be rough, come spring you notice along those walkways are yellow and dying.  This is where ice melter comes in.  Much more environmentally friendly for walkways we apply a controlled amount to the appropriate areas on your property.

Salt / Sand: For large driveways and commercial areas where snow pack or high traffic is an issue we can provide an ice management program applying road salt, salt/sand combination to the necessary areas aiding the snow, ice, and slush melting. 

Salt Boxes: For commercial applications where there is high traffic, our clients may require a salt box.  These boxes keep on site salt out of the elements keeping it dry and ready for use.

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