About Us:

Our Beginning:

Sirwin Groundscare Inc. is a young vibrant company owned and operated by Shawn Irwin of London Ontario.  The company has steadily been growing ever since it started with a single push mower and one borrowed beat up weed eater with Shawn knocking on doors of friends and family! After becoming well known for his commitment to his clients the company was able to grow, and continues to grow today on the same commitment!


Sirwin Groundscare Inc. has a huge commitment to clients, be it residential or commercial our main goal is customer satisfaction! Special arrangements and schedule requirements for clients are a top priority at Sirwin, we work with you to find the best solution for every unique situation.  We are happy to help at all times.


Sirwin Groundscare Inc. maintains a growing fleet of top quality, industry leading equipment to allow us to get the job done properly and efficiently in any situation.  Equipment is maintained regularly and is a company standard.


Although Sirwin is a growing company, safety is a top priority!  Here we have an ongoing commitment for safety of not only our employees, but our clients and the general public.  All employees are properly trained with proper safety attire at all times. Our appearance is part of our safety as well.  All employees on site must wear a company uniform which is safety reflective and noticeable. 


Sirwin Groundscare Inc. has 100% insured coverage. Not everyone does and this can be a huge gamble on your part in today’s environment. You can enjoy knowing that the professionals at Sirwin Groundscare Inc. are fully insured while on your property.

"Because your lawn is the welcome to your home"